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Cameron to the rescue?


Sarah Boseley's global health blog at The Guardian today, viagra 40mg reports on the difficulties facing a new UN Women's agency. With talks breaking down for the organisation designed to promote women's rights and equalities around the world, guess who is being asked to intervene to help the UN states reach some consensus?

That's right… apparently it really is David Cameron to the rescue, although I'm not too sure how I feel about the fate of women's issues around the world being focused on his shoulders.

The Prime Minister has been asked by VSO and the UK Gender and Development Network to get things moving again, so that the agency is accorded enough authority to really get things done. And the list of things they need is really pretty modest, including the resources to implement development programs for women and the power to hold other UN agencies accountable for improving progress towards gender equality goals.

So can Cameron be trusted to help out? According to VSO he has at least agreed to raise the issue at G8 so watch this space!

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