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Get ready for the most ‘adequate’ ten minutes of your life…


I can't decide whether this (lighter than air) Daily Mail story is massively depressing, order or just a valiant attempt to prepare people for the mundane realities of life! But apparently, ampoule  according to research published in the journal of sexual medicine, ten minutes of sex is perfectly 'adequate' for the expectations of most modern couples. And if 'adequate' just isn't enough to rock your boat, you could always aim for the heady heights of 'desirable'  sex which might last up to a whole thirteen minutes!

The aims of this study are obviously laudable, seeking to dispel people's feelings of anxiety and inadequacy, but I can't help but feel that this careful categorisation only adds to the problem. Also, the article is unclear about what actually constitutes sex. Is foreplay included or is this all about the heteronormative act of penetration itself? 

The Mail also take the opportunity to trot out another study, suggesting women would rather read a good book than indulge in a night of passion with their husbands. Maybe if the experience were billed as more than a ten minute wham bam thank you m'am, they'd be more tempted to put the book down…

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