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The African-American woman employee, the Obama administration and the right-wing activist


What is happening within the Obama administration? This week it sacked an African-American government employee, medical look  Shirley Sherrod,  on the basis of biased editing of a speech she made at a meeting of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). 

No one in the administration seems to have bothered to ask her about the video posted by a conservative activist which had edited her speech to infer that she was racist against white farmers. If it had, it would have found that she had said nothing of the sort. 

Instead, in some sort of kneejerk reaction, it forced Sherrod to resign but then had to eat humble pie when the full comments came out and she was completely vindicated. 

So how did it happen that a right-wing activist can have such an impact on the Obama administration? Good question and it's one that Camille Elhassani tries to answer in this article in AlJazeera

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