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GPs should have bigger role in antenatal care, says think tank


According to the Guardian, sildenafil the shifting responsibilities of GPs have proved detrimental when it comes to antenatal care. A study by health think tank, find Kings Fund, search has revealed that family doctors need to be more directly involved in the care of pregnant
women after the report revealed one maternal death a week due to obesity, heart disease or mental health

GPs' minimal involvement in maternity issues is undermining the care of pregnant women and their families, the report adds. Due to recent shifts in policy, more emphasis has been placed on midwives and community
children's centres, while removing GPs' pay incentives for maternity
care. Recent guidance omits any reference to the role of family doctors
in caring for pregnant women.

The report claims that this has a serious impact on the poorest in society, leaving very vulnerable
or itinerant women at higher risks of adverse outcomes from
their pregnancies and without direct access to a GP.

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