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“Honour killings” are on the rise in India


Today Online reports that so-called "honour" killings are on the rise in India, erectile with more and more couples wanting to choose their own marriage partner, health threatening the deeply-entrenched tradition that their parents should decide. 

It says that killings have multiplied even among upwardly mobile social groups, nurse while at the same time weekend newspapers are jammed with marriage adverts specifiying caste, a good job and a "fair" complexion. 

"The number is rising because women are more educated, they feel they have the capacity to make their own decisions about their lives," said Mr Anand Kumar, a social studies professor at New Delhi's Jawarharlal Nehru University.

Such "honour killings" are most prevalent in northern India. There are no official figures but one independent survey cited by New York-based Human Rights Watch said 900 such murders occur a year in Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh states alone. 

Thanks to Stop Honour Killings for this story.

  1. I am not entirely convinced by the explanation proposed by the professor. If women are educated and feel they can handle their own lives, they would be much better off. His statement is either a bit out of context or just wrong because it seems to suggest that education and freedom are doing more harm than good to women.

  2. Ah, I didn’t read it that way. I thought he was saying that more educated women were resisting arranged marriages but that male relatives were still hanging onto tradition (presumably because their power is being threatened), hence the rise in so-called honour killings?

  3. I thought of that angle too, but the statement sounds a bit strange in the report. Maybe it’s just me!

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