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May scraps power to ban domestic abusers from victims’ homes

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Home Secretary Theresa May, buy has scrapped a scheme designed to protect women from domestic abuse by removing violent partners from the family home. This worrying and regressive step comes as part of the government's drive to cut public spending.

If the scheme had been able to continue, prescription senior police would have been given the power to act instantly to safeguard families they considered at threat. Violent
men would have been banned from their homes for up two weeks, prescription giving
their victims the chance to seek help to escape abuse.

When fewer than one-third of domestic violence incidents result in criminal charges, one has to really question why the government thought that this wasn't important enough to stay on the top of the political agenda.

A Home Office spokeswoman said Mrs May had made clear she regarded
tackling violence against women as a priority. However, she added, "In tough
economic times, we are now considering our options for delivering
improved protection and value for money," she added.

Well, it seems that women and children suffering from domestic abuse are now left with fewer options and less protection due to the flimsy and contradictory system the police will now have to contend with…what a bargain.

More on this from The Independent.

  1. Unbelievable – this government has no moral backbone at all.

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