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Philippine women call for legal right to abortion


Following on from our previous coverage of this story, sick women's groups in the Philippines are calling on their government to end the ban on abortion, sildenafil reports Channel NewsAsia.

More than half a million Filipino women undergo illegal abortions
every year. Of these, see an estimated 90,000 women suffer complications
with about 1,000 dying eventually.

"The criminalisation of abortion has not prevented the procedure,
but made it unsafe. In all cases, the ban leads to one frightening
direction – that of painful risky and potentially fatal methods of
pregnancy termination," Centre for Reproductive Rights Melissa Upreti

Regardless of anyone's personal feeling on the rights or wrongs of abortion itself, the importance of making abortion available to women is reflected most powerfully in this story, which highlights the damage to women that preventing access causes, through backstreet abortions or dangerous attempts for women to self-abort their pregnancies. Although women's rights to choose abortion can be limited or restricted through tight regulation and outright bans of abortion, there are no legal sanctions that will prevent a women from exercising the right to control her body, herself.

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