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Women under-represented in senior advertising jobs


Summary of story from Guardian, 20.1.11.

Women are seriously under-represented in senior management positions in the UK advertising industry, according to a new report.

The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA), which represents agencies accounting for more than 80 per cent of the sector, found that the media, marketing and advertising industry is dominated by young, white men.

Only about one in 20 of those working in the sector is over 50, and about one in 10 is from a non-white background.

While the report found that there’s an “almost equal” split between the number of men and women employed in the industry, females accounted for just 22.4 per cent of those judged to be in a management position at an agency.

The average age of an employee in 2010 across all agencies was 33.7, the same as in 2009.  Nine out of 10 staff in the creative industry are from a white background.

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