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UK women enjoy sex as much as men


Summary of story from The Sun, 14.2.11.

Women are getting more demanding in the bedroom, with more than half of women claiming they initiate sex as much as their partner, according to a new study.

The majority of British women rate their sex life eight out of ten, with one in ten claiming it’s nine out of ten and 8.2 per cent enjoying a ten out of ten.

Just six per cent of women rate their sex life as one out of ten.  Three quarters of women also claim they want more sex.

The average British couple have sex once a week, eight per cent do it two or three times a week, and 1.4 per cent every day.

The annual survey of almost 3,500 women from UK-based Netmums revealed a third use sex as a “bargaining tool” to encourage their other halves to do chores around the house or buy them a gift.  But more than six in ten said they have sex because they enjoy it.

Almost a third of women believed their love life would improve if they had a glamorous makeover, but eight per cent wanted their partner to be more imaginative.

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