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Women’s rights protesters report sexual assaults by Cairo mob


Summary of story from The Washington Post 8.3.11

Women marching for their rights on International Women’s Day were groped and beaten by angry men in Cairo.

The men broke through a protective “human-chain” other men had formed around the marchers and proceeded to verbally, physically and sexually assault them.

About 300 women were marching for political and social equality.

They were attacked and then chased through the streets, and several had to seek sanctuary in a tourism office protected by army personnel.

Ebony Coletu, an American who teaches at a university in Cairo and who joined the march, said people were saying that women were dividing the revolution, and should be happy with the rights they have, and objecting to women’s demands to have a role in drafting a new constitution.

“I was grabbed in the crotch area at least six times. I was grabbed in the breasts; my throat was grabbed,” she said.

Egyptian women say that sexual harassment is rampant in Cairo and that women grow up there expecting to be fondled by men with impunity, and it is a common form of intimidation and harassment.

Also read the WVoN summary of story from WE-news here.

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