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Cadets use Skype to film sexual encounter without woman’s consent

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Summary of story from the Sydney Morning Herald, April 30, 2011

Two Australian military cadets allegedly engaged in a calculated plan to entrap a female cadet in a filmed sexual encounter, then lied to investigators to cover it up.

The Skype scandal caused an outpouring of anger when the female cadet, who was filmed having sex on March 29 and cannot be named, went public to complain.

The two cadets were yesterday charged with using a carriage service to offend and one was also charged with committing an act of indecency without consent, which carries a maximum penalty of five years in jail.

The charges relate to the allegation that one cadet broadcast the sexual encounter to the room of another, where he and five other cadets were watching on a laptop.

Police allege that the encounter was planned via text message several hours before it occurred:

”I just had a f—in sick idea pop into my head, f— her n film it,” it read.

The perpetrator also wrote to another friend: ”I’m about to root a girl n have webcam set up to the boys in another room”. He made it clear that the girl was not aware of this.

Both men were granted bail with conditions during a short hearing yesterday. The conditions include that they do not contact the alleged victim or the six cadet witnesses and require them to report to police every Friday.

WVON comment: The female cadet in question reports that she was physically sick when the statements from the male cadets were read out to her – and who can blame her? These cadets completely dehumanised her and their statements epitomise the sexual objectification of women. Awful story.

  1. GiuseppeCasey says:

    Very disturbing. It reminds me of a scene in American Pie and I wonder whether that film influenced this lewd act? I hope these young men will actually have it explained to them why they were wrong.

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