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North Korean army women attract online Chinese male attention


Summary of and comment on story in The Korea Times, June 17, 2011

A South Korean daily informs its readers that a North Korean video clip showing female soldiers has attracted admiring comments from Chinese men.

All things that happen in North Korea are news, or at least that’s the case when you live in the country next door.

Around 753,000 people have visited the video on, the Chinese equivalent of YouTube.

The two minute and 29 second long clip shows dictator Kim Jong-il conducting a military review of male and female soldiers.

One scene which shows smiling women posing around a flowerbed has drawn especial attention.

Comments on the video include, “the women are really pretty” and “I’m in love with the lovely women soldiers”.

One suspects that the Korea Times staff have shared this story out of a sense of masculine national pride.

The South Korean media has a tendency to relish reporting on the achievements of ethnic Koreans, whether on the Korean peninsula, in Asia or beyond.

Concern over the difficult North Korean political situation is simply one strand in South Korea’s relationship with Koreans beyond its borders.

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