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DC comics “need more women”


Summary of story from digital spy, July 30, 2011

DC comics’ co-publishers have responded to criticism from fans saying that they need more female writers, characters and artists.

The partners Dan DiDo and Jim Lee said in a statement: “Over the past week we’ve heard from fans about a need for more women writers, artists and characters. We want you to know, first and foremost, that we hear you and take your concerns very seriously.”

The executives referenced writers such as Gail Simone and Fiona Staples as creators they have worked with and hope to again in the future.

“We’ll have exciting news about new projects with women creators in the coming months and will be making those announcements closer to publication,” they said.

“Many of the creators will be working on new projects as we continue to tell the ongoing adventures of our characters. We know there are dozens of other women creators and we welcome the opportunity to work with them.”

Rival comic company Marvel recently released their own publication aimed at women called Girl Comics giving female comic creators a chance to show their talent.

It was also announced last month by DC comics that Batgirl would return in a new series (see WVoN story), however this time fully able-bodied when she was previously paraplegic.

  1. They might need and hire more women but they will seldom if ever represent women who look like me. This is the main reason I stopped reading or supporting the genre.

  2. Love that we covered this. I’m a massive DC fan – love the stories, but like Eiane, have consistently felt excluded from this genre – and I’m including all the big players here, yes Marvel, I mean you.

    Eiane says that the genre seldom, if ever “represent women who look like me” – well, as a short, plump ginger woman, count me in there too. But I’d go one, maybe two steps further and say that the genre rarely if ever represents women who ‘feel’ like me – I’m talking strong, intellectually engaged women striving to make the world a better place in their own ‘superhero’ way.

    In missing us out, they also fail to provide a vision of women I can aspire to be. I want a woman Green Lantern, I want Iron Woman, I want Spider Woman – except I don’t, I want the equivalent of these.

    The challenge for DC, Marvel and the others is that they really have to engage with women to achieve that. It’s a challenge and an opportunity to create strong female characters that can expand and enrich this genre, and make a lot of people a lot of cash in the process!

    And if there are any illustrators out there looking to do this who also want to collaborate with a writer – get in touch! I’ve always wanted to collaborate on a graphic novel –

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