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Woman sacked ‘for refusing to dye grey hair’


Summary of story from The Guardian, July 11, 2011

A 52 year-old Texan woman is suing her former employer for discrimination after she was sacked for allegedly refusing to dye her grey hair.

Sarah Rawline said she was instructed in August 2009 by Capital Title, the real estate firm at which she worked, to dye her hair.

She also says she was told to wear lots of jewellery and “younger, fancy suits” as part of a more “upscale image” to go with a move in the firm’s headquarters.

After refusing, she was allegedly fired within a week and replaced by a woman ten years younger.

Capital Title denies the allegations. The company’s chief executive, Bill Shaddock, said: “I’d hire a 150 year-old individual if they were worthy.”

But Ms Rawline said she there had been no complaints about her work and that she had won the outstanding employee award in 2004 and 2005.

Her lawyer, Robert Dowdy, said: “I don’t think anyone should be embarrassed or humiliated for growing older.”

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