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Nadine Dorries MP – on abortions, the profit motive and impartial advice


Comment on and summary of story from The Guardian,  August 6, 2011

Today’s Guardian carries an interview with the British MP Nadine Dorries, one of the most influential Conservative backbenchers, best known for her views on abortion.

Dorries has been busy recently, proposing amendments to the Health and Social Care Bill currently going through parliament.

If passed, they would introduce optional ‘independent’ counselling for women seeking abortions (see WVoN story), and transfer responsibility for abortion guidelines from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) to the National Institute of Clinical Excellence.

Dorries believes that organisations which provide abortions have a profit motive for performing more procedures, and cannot be relied upon to produce impartial advice or guidelines.

‘The people who sit on the RCOG guidance committee, what do they do for a living, all of them? …They’re all abortionists. They earn their living from abortions’, she explains.

Despite her extreme views, Dorries comes across as surprisingly likeable. But this, perhaps, is exactly what makes her so dangerous.

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