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Women’s ‘sex strike’ halts violence in Philippines


Summary of story from the Herald Sun, September 16, 2011

Women in the southern Philippines halted violence in their village by threatening to stop having sex with their husbands if they continued fighting, the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) said today.

The move helped end tensions and bring some prosperity to the 102 families living in rural Dado village, UNHCR national officer Rico Salcedo said.

“The area is in a town which is subject to conflict, family feuds, land disputes. The idea came personally from the women,” Salcedo said.

A group of women thought of the idea after finding they could not deliver products of their sewing business – the village road was closed because of violence.

“There had been a string of clan conflicts. You would have a number of men who would go against another family. There were scattered incidents of shooting at each other,” said UNHCR staffer Tom Temprosa.

The sewing group’s leader, Hasna Kandatu, said they warned their husbands they would be cut off from sex if they continued causing trouble.

“If you go there (to fight), you won’t be able to come back. I won’t accept you,” she recalled telling her husband, in a video on the UNHCR website.

  1. This is an initiative that could and ought to be employed just about everwhere.

  2. Shahrazad says:

    Mash’alLah! Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! You GO, Sisters!

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