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Manchester’s feminists protest against Playboy bunnies


Summary of story from Manchester Evening News, October 2, 2011

Protesters took to the streets demonstrating against the return of Playboy bunny girls to Manchester earlier this week.

Around 20 women from the Manchester Feminist Network picketed outside Manchester 235 in Watson Street, off Deansgate, as the venue hosted a one-off night featuring Playboy bunnies from the brand’s Mayfair club which reopened earlier this year.

Brandishing placards with the message ‘Eff Off Heff’ and a banner with the slogan: ‘Love Manchester, Hate Playboy’, they chanted rhymes and handed out leaflets to passers-by about their campaign.

The Playboy bunnies returned to Manchester for one-night only to celebrate the casino’s move to a 24-hour licence. If the trial evening is deemed to have been a success, the bunnies could become a regular feature at the casino.

One protester Jiff Higman, said “We have no problem with the women who are working there, we are protesting about the brand.”

Emma Shiel added “Women are not supposed to be dressed up as animals serving drinks to men – we have come further than that I think.”

But one of the bunnies, Sara Rourke, who is about to start a post-graduate course in psychology, said the job was empowering:

“Modern feminism is about individualism[…]Through this job I have been given transferable, tangible skills, I work in an environment where I am supported and looked after, where I am invested in and valued. If that is not being empowered, then I do not know what is.”

WVoN comment: I think its safe to say that we agree with Emma on this.

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