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UK government to sue private clinics over breast implants


Summary of story from The Daily Telegraph, January 12, 2012

UK Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has given a strong indication that the government would be prepared to sue private clinics that refuse to remove Poly Implants Prosthese (PIP) implants for free (see WVoN story).

The Harley Medical Group, Transform and the Hospital Group have already said that women will have to pay to have their implants removed.

Lansley is adamant that the taxpayer should not have to shoulder the burden and is concerned that private clinics are ignoring legitimate claims.

Last week, Lansley announced that the NHS would remove and replace implants for free if the original operation had been through the NHS.

Some of the biggest private healthcare companies have made a similar offer, including Nuffield Health, BMI and Spire.

The Harley Medical Group claims that it does not have the resources to operate on the 13,900 women who had implants between 2001 and 2010.

They were also the biggest buyer of the implants from PIP in France.

Transform, who performed about 4,000 procedures will charge £2,800 for removal and the Hospital Group has said it will only replace ruptures.

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