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World Bank and Fotopedia launch ‘Women of the World’ app


Alexandra Szydlowska
WVoN co-editor

The World Bank Group and Fotopedia have collaborated on a new free app, allowing iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch users to catch a glimpse into the lives of women around the world.

‘Women of the World’, launched earlier this week, provides access to hundreds of stirring images put together by French photojournalist Olivier Martel, who travelled to more than 75 countries to photograph women struggling – or succeeding – in their social environment.

These include images of a bride at her wedding in Singapore, women minesweeping the fields of Cambodia, girl soldiers in Mozambique and nuns in a convent in France.

In Martel’s own words: “These topics require a persistent but discrete approach, determination, and a lot of patience. This work is about giving women the opportunity to share their hopes and daily struggles, and giving them their dignity in a photographic homage that takes the form of a search for beauty.”

The creation of the app is part of the World Bank’s ThinkEQUAL campaign to increase awareness of gender inequality around the globe.

“We hope these images inspire women to act,” says Jeni Klugman, the World Bank’s Director of Gender and Development.

“Much has improved but in many parts of the world women’s rights and opportunities remain very constrained. This inequality is very unfair and it is bad economics. It hampers poverty reduction and limits development.”

‘Women of the World’ can be downloaded for free here.

  1. MezzoPiana says:

    Is ‘discrete’ really meant here? It certainly could be, I suppose, but it’s a common misspelling of ‘discreet’ which would also make sense.

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