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Join London protest against Nike’s exploitation of Bangladeshi women workers


Alison Clarke
WVoN co-editor 

On Saturday 31 March, the campaigning group UK Feminista, will be protesting on  London’s Oxford Street against the exploitation of Bangladeshi garment workers.

The group is asking people to stand in solidarity with the women producing Nike’s sportswear for the 2012 Olympics who are systematically being denied their rights.

New research released by War on Want shows that Bangladeshi garment workers, 85% of whom are women, are being cheated of their maternity rights, face sexual harassment, and receive poverty pay.

Those who join unions to demand better pay and conditions risk losing their jobs.

However, thousands of women have defied intimidation to fight for their rights as workers in the garment industry.

On 31 March feminists in the UK will get out onto the streets to join their struggle.

Meet up outside Nike, Oxford Circus at 11.30am.

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