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Sign the petition against ABORT67


Holly Peacock
WVoN co-editor 

As the abortion debate continues in the UK, the focus for many pro-choice supporters is now on the actions of anti-abortion group ABORT67.

The activist group, which is based in Brighton on England’s south coast, “seeks to change the way we think about abortion” and wants the reversal of the 1967 Abortion Act, which legalised abortions.

So far, their activities have included campaigning outside BPAS clinics, displaying images of aborted fetuses and speaking to women attending their abortion appointments.

If members of ABORT67 encourage a pregnant woman to cancel the termination it posts a message like this one to their facebook followers:

‘ANOTHER BABY SAVED AT WISTONS ABORTION CLINIC THIS MORNING. 40 Days for Life volunteer using an Abort67 sticker of aborted baby convinced a mother of 3 born children to not kill her unborn child.’

The Brighton Feminist Collective has started a petition asking organisations that support Abort67, whether directly or indirectly, to stop doing so and to condemn its intimidating and aggressive tactics.

These include the use of “graphic imagery”, “misinformation” and “physical encircling to try and prevent people from entering the clinic.”

  1. Dthomas says:

    Is it anti-feminist to oppose abortion? Not all feminist’s support prochoice…

  2. Hi,

    I don’t think you are anti feminist if you don’t believe in abortion but do think it is anti-feminist to remove a woman’s right to choose in any capacity.

    However, I understand this is a very complex issue one which deserves thought and attention. I agree that perhaps we need to research into the cutoff point of abortion but by removing the right entirely is putting women at further risk in the long run.

    What do you think?


  3. Hi Holly, I agree it is not anti-feminist to be anti-abortion on a personal level, but it is anti-feminist to remove a woman’s right to choose. Re the cut-off point – I would be wary of changing this, not least because the process that women go through can often take a long time – realising that they are pregnant and then going through the system for example, and so this could have a detrimental effect.

  4. Hi Jane,

    I think that it is imperative we consider all points to give strength to our argument of choice.

    The anti –abortion argument is usually quite rigid and often based on religion and science but to varying degrees using what fits the argument.

    I feel that to have a voice that is reasonable and listened to we should consider it all. In my discussions with ABORT67 I have tried to take on board some of their points. The main being that the fetus is a human. My argument to this is that unless a fetus can live independent form a woman it is therefore her own body and she can do as she wishes. Once the baby can live independently we must then apply some human rights as it can be just that, a human.

    I think by doing this we are demonstrating our consideration of all the points of the argument as too often this type of debate simply becomes a black and white issue with believers and non believers. Unfortunately abortion is most definitely, grey!


  5. I think abortion is only necessary if the woman was raped.

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