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Painting drawn using late singer’s blood goes on sale


Mariam Zaidi
WVoN co-editor

British singer Pete Doherty is auctioning off a painting drawn with his blood and that of the late Amy Winehouse.

Speaking to The Independent, Doherty, who is almost better known for his substance abuse rather than for his music, says Winehouse helped him finish the painting — entitled ‘Ladylike’ — by drawing with her own blood while on the phone with her dad.

It would seem that Winehouse was under the influence at the time she indulged in the “painting” session.

It could well be argued that the painting was an example of the late singer expressing herself, albeit in a very dark form of art.   But is such a painting appropriate?

Winehouse was one of the UK’s most celebrated female singers, but her career and life were cut short when she died at the young age of 27.

The singer led a troubled life fuelled by a dependency on drugs and alcohol.  It is not to say that the painting glorifies drug abuse, but should they always be part of her legacy?

Is this really the way in which she should be remembered? Or has the name “Amy Winehouse” become so synonymous with substance abuse that the two simply go hand in hand?

“Ladylike” is expected to fetch up to £80,000 when it goes up for auction on Friday at the Cob Gallery in London, with some of the proceeds going to The Amy Winehouse Foundation, set up by her father following her death in July last year from alcohol poisoning.

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