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Research reveals shocking harassment statistics in London


Holly Peacock
WVoN co-editor 

Research released last week by the End Violence Against Women (EVAW) coalition shows that 43% of women under the age of 34 have been subjected to harassment on the streets of London.

The survey asked female residents about their experience of unwanted, sexual attention or contact in public spaces. The type of harassment reported ranged from verbal abuse and wolf whistling to physical assault.

EVAW Coalition Co-Chair Professor Liz Kelly highlighted that much of the abuse occurs on public transport in London and said:

“We need investment in public campaigns on transport and elsewhere saying this behavior is unacceptable, and training for transport staff about how to respond to it.”

Demanding that the Government and local authorities take this type of abuse more seriously, The Independent published several case studies from sexual harassment victims country wide, showing that it was rife and not solely confined to London.

The BBC also reported on the type of harassment women suffer in public spaces and looked at the response of other countries to the problem.

BBC reporter Brigitt Hauck highlighted in her article ‘Why do men shout at women in the street?’ that other countries such as India and Japan have created “women-only subway cars.”

This type of extreme resolution is simply a temporary solution that in turn sends out the message that it is women who should be removed from the male gaze.

Charities such as EVAW support the demand that we instead tackle the social acceptance of harassment and look at ways to alter the abusers’ approach to women.

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