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US Secretary of State Clinton visits former sex trafficking victims


Crystal Huskey
WVoN co-editor 

On May 6, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stopped by Kolkata, India, to show her solidarity in the fight against human trafficking.

She is the first secretary of state to ever visit the region.  The Telegraph reports that Clinton met with two daughters of women in prostitution, Poonam Khatoon, 16, and Uma Das, 19, along with a slew of nonprofits working toward eliminating the scourge of sex trafficking.

The pair works with Apne Aap Women Worldwide, a “grassroots movement to end sex trafficking,” according to the Telegraph.

Khatoon and Das took Clinton through a visual representation of what life as a trafficked girl is like. This included a dance routine performed by rescued victims of sex trafficking, which Clinton described as “wonderful” and impressive.  Clinton announced her support of the nonprofits, telling them that she was their “cheerleader.”

She was given a green bracelet with the words “Cool Men Don’t Buy Sex,” which she immediately put on and requested her staff to do the same.

Clinton has long been involved in the fight against sex trafficking, traveling the world to listen to the stories of rescued victims of this global business.

In a 2011 report on Trafficking in Persons, she wrote:

“Last year, I visited a shelter for trafficking survivors. I was embraced by children who should have been in grade school, but were instead recovering from having been enslaved in a brothel.

We know trafficking in persons affects every region and every country in the world, but looking into the eyes of those girls and hearing their stories firsthand brought home for me once again the very real and personal tragedy of modern slavery.”

On Monday, May 7, she wrapped up her tour in the region and focused on the relationship between India and Iran.

She reiterated the danger posed by a nuclear-armed Iran and requested that India purchase their oil from nations like Saudi Arabia or Iraq, according to the Christian Science Monitor.

Clinton also announced she is not considering standing in another presidential campaign.

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