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No More Page 3: join the boycott

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Buy the T-shirt, sign the petition, and get bare boobs out of the the news.

The No More Page 3 campaign has been ‘very nicely’ asking the Sun newspaper’s editor Dominic Mohan to drop the bare breasts from The Sun newspaper for several weeks now.

Its supporters point out that the pictures on page 3, of women in little but their knickers, were introduced in 1970, ‘an incredibly sexist era’ and they do not think they should remain there in 2012.

They also feel that children should not, when faced with this newspaper, see pictures of men, in clothes, doing various activities -like running the country for example – and then see one huge image of a woman in no clothes, doing nothing.

As the petition asking The Sun to drop page 3 says:

‘George Alagiah doesn’t say, ‘And now let’s look at Courtney, 21, from Warrington’s bare breasts,’ in the middle of the 6 O’Clock News, does he?

Philip and Holly don’t flash up pictures of Danni, 19, from Plymouth, in just her pants and a necklace, on This Morning, do they?

No, they don’t. There would be an outcry.’

As it is, it sends out an unacceptable message about a woman’s place in society.

Consider this the long overdue outcry.

And consider this: some young women say, ‘oh, we’ve never thought about it before’ – which is, as the campaigners point out, a bit sad.

Because, as they rightly say, when the largest picture of a woman in the most widely read paper in Britain is that of a young woman showing her bare boobs every day the message it gives is ‘Just shut up girls, and get your tops off for the boys’.

Enough is enough.

No More Page 3.

What to do?

Apart from ‘like’ the facebook page (over 4000 this week), going to the demo outside the Sun HQ, buying the T-shirt, signing the petition (over 48,000 to date), sharing the petition on your facebook page, not buying The Sun and not clicking on the Sun’s website?

Talk about the issue.

Join campaign supporters on the campaign song video.

And prepare for the boycott.

Because the campaigners think Dominic Mohan will start paying attention to the way his newspaper conditions people to view women as sex objects when we boycott his major advertisers.

So for one week, the last week in October, 29 October – 4 November, the No More Page 3 campaigners are encouraging their supporters to boycott Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Argos, Tesco, and DFS.

It is, they point out, doable.

If those supermarkets are the only food suppliers in your area, do a big shop at the start of the week.

If there is a choice, go to Waitrose or Iceland. Or explore your local grocer…

It’s doable. Please do it.

And if there isn’t one nearby for you to boycott, you can always write and tell them you would if you could.

  1. Karenosullivan says:

    Why should women’s bodies be exploited in this way. It’s unfair and unnecessary in this day and age, and sends out wrong signals to the public in general. There’s so much more to a woman than her body!!

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