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On Women for Women International


In My Opinion: guest blogger Brita Fernandez Schmidt.

I am honoured and excited to take up my new role as the Executive Director for Women for Women International UK.

Having met women and their families in countries affected by conflict, troche I am deeply committed to do what I can to create peace and sustainable development.

Women for Women International is an impressive organisation, vialis 40mg which has at its heart a comprehensive programme supported by a special one-to-one connection which is sponsorship.

When I first started sponsoring four years ago, my first sister was from Bosnia. She happened to be of similar age to me and also the mother of two children.

I was lucky in that she was able to write to me and we exchanged a few letters throughout the year of my sponsorship.

I remember getting a letter from her where she told me what it meant to her to know that I cared enough, even though I did not know her, to support her financially, enable her to learn new skills and write to her.

She also told me that she had used some of her monthly stipend to buy tulip seeds and that she was going to plant them in her garden so that she would always remember me.

There are so many things that went through my mind in that moment.

One was that my support gave my sister the strength and courage to believe in herself and allow herself to embrace this new opportunity and develop her skills and a new life for herself and her family.

So my money had helped her, but the connection with me had possibly helped her even more – so I had been able to contribute directly to creating change and hope.

Another thought that went through my mind was what a privilege it is to reach out and support someone else and share that journey and how much you actually get back.

No wonder that one of the 7 ways of achieving happiness is to give.

So today I want to invite you to reach out to another woman in one of the countries where Women for Women International operates and support her – it will transform her life and yours!

Join me…

Women for Women International work with women survivors of war, to help them rebuild their lives.

To learn more about sponsoring a woman through Women for Women International UK, visit our website.

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