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Rape really is no joke


New campaign targets those who think rape is funny.

A new campaign has been launched against comedians who make jokes about rape.

Rape is No Joke was set up after reports of widespread misogyny at this year’s Edinburgh Festival.

This included a widely publicised incident when comedian Daniel Tosh told a woman who stood up and told him that his rape joke was no laughing matter, that it would be really funny if she was raped right there. 

“The woman who stood up at the gig was very brave, but it would be good to have a campaign with lots of people to say that is not acceptable,” said Sarah Wrack, one of the campaign organisers.

Rape is No Joke is asking comedians, venues and organisers of comedy events to sign up to their pledge that they will not make rape jokes themselves or book acts who make them.

“The campaign will target those who make rape jokes and urge people to organise local events so that people can go to a venue and know they are not going to have to sit through that sort of thing,” said Wrack.

The group is planning a major launch event, but is also asking supporters to organise local events.

NB: The above group should not be confused with a non-UK group of the same name, known as RINJ, who we mention in this piece.

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