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Taking on workplace homophobia


Stonewall's campaign against homophobia in the workplaceNew campaign after polling showed how prevalent homophobic behavior still is.

Stonewall has launched a national campaign to tackle the still endemic levels of homophobia in Britain’s workplaces.

The new campaign’s posters feature two people and a slogan saying either: ‘One is Lesbian’ ‘One is Gay’ or ‘One is Bisexual’ along with ‘If that bothers people, our work continues’.

This One is Gay campaign is a response to YouGov polling which showed that in the last five years 2.4 million people of working age witnessed verbal homophobic bullying at work.

A further 800,000 people of working age have witnessed physical homophobic bullying at work.

Further polling showed that over a quarter of lesbian, gay and bisexual people are not at all open to colleagues about their sexual orientation.

And one in five (19 per cent) lesbian, gay and bisexual employees has experienced verbal bullying from colleagues, customers or service users because of their sexual orientation in the last five years.

One in eight (13 per cent) lesbian, gay and bisexual employees would not feel confident reporting homophobic bullying in their workplace.

The posters will appear on nearly 650 buses in London, Cardiff and Edinburgh as well as on 4,000 advertisements on the London Underground.

The campaign features workers from various careers and professions – including construction workers, footballers, priests, police officers and firefighters.

Campaign posters will be made available to Stonewall Diversity Champion members, companies who together employ more than 6 million people in Britain.

Stonewall is also calling on organisations to tailor the posters with their own logos and reproduce them in their workplaces and offices.

Stonewall’s deputy chief executive, Laura Doughty, said: “After securing equal marriage in England and Wales people mustn’t forget the huge amount of work still to be done.

“No one should be under any illusion that it’s ‘Mission Accomplished.

“In workplaces right across the country, gay people still don’t feel able to be themselves. It’s time to change that once and for all.”

And you can help.

Have you seen the campaign posters on buses or tube carriages? Take a picture and send it to Stonewall.

You can either Tweet it – using @stonewalluk or #LotsToDo or email.

Share the campaign posters with your friends, family and in your workplace.

Feel free to right-click the pictures here and select ‘Save as’ to download the posters.

You can also ask your employer what they’re doing to tackle homophobic bullying and abuse, given that everyone has the right to feel that they can be safely themselves at work.

For information on how Stonewall supports employers to build gay-friendly workplaces, click here.

We really do need eradicate workplace homophobia once and for all.

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