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Getting women onto bicycles


Breeze, the big bicycling programme for women, join usBig programme aims to get more women cycling for fun. 

‘Breeze’ is a programme run by British Cycling, and is the biggest programme ever to get more women into riding bikes for fun.

The aim of Breeze is to help women feel more confident and comfortable out on the roads in traffic.

Cycling is a big activity for men, but while the activity in general is on the increase, the amount of women taking it up is in decline.

Breeze hopes to change this by training Breeze Champions in all areas of the country, who will then go out and provide their community with rides for varying levels of ability.

Lots of women would love to cycle, but cite lack of time, confidence and safety as reasons why they don’t cycle.

Breeze Champions are there to take the worry out of cycling, by providing a nurturing and friendly environment.

Rides often start and finish at a local café, so there is also an opportunity to  socialise and make friends.

The Breeze network currently offers around 200 rides per week across the network, all at different speeds and aimed at different abilities, so there is usually something to be found for everyone.

If you are interested in getting back onto the saddle, or want to improve your cycling ability, take a look at the Breeze website, and book a free, guided, women-only ride.

Today, maybe.

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