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Getting dead women seen


#deadwomenwalking, go fund me, claire moore, domestic violence figures shockingSince the election in 2010 there have been more than 400 domestic violence murders.

By Claire Moore.

Women are not alone in experiencing domestic violence, but we are the majority of victims – and when we are it rarely makes headline news.


Because it is commonplace.

And when it is covered by the media it’s usually towards the back of the paper and the story is often about our killer, his previous achievements, struggles. We are often forgotten or blamed – seen as ‘wife of’…

Far too frequently we discover that the dead women had asked for help, and that the killers were known to the police and had a history of domestic violence.

The inevitable statement is released and we are told ‘lessons will be learned’.

I have worked to raise awareness of domestic violence for over 19 years and I have heard this said too many times.

I want those lessons to be learned now – for women to be listened to and believed – because domestic violence murders are preventable.

Awareness and understanding is key.

Along with properly funded specialist support services.

As a professional touring theatre company, Certain Curtain Theatre Company has been involved with raising awareness of domestic abuse for over 19 years – writing and producing original dramas to reach women’s groups, the general public and providing training events for voluntary and statutory organisations.

Has been trying to combat the age-old attitudes of ‘why doesn’t she just leave?’ and ‘I’d never put with that’.

I am a firm believer that drama helps people connect with the issues on an emotional as well as intellectual level, and that this leads to real change and understanding.

For the last few years I have been keeping a list of the women murdered through domestic violence and have used them as part of a display that we have whenever we perform our domestic abuse dramas – I wanted to put a name to each crime and personalise the statistics for our audiences.

It always has a big impact. Especially when you see the wide age range of women. Many groups have taken copies of the lists and one in Devon created a tree of remembrance from it last year.

I know I am not alone in feeling the frustration and anger at the lack of media and society’s interest and concern at how many of us are killed by known men – how whenever we are murdered we are often blamed, and ignored, and our killers’ careers and personalities are made the main part of the story.

So I wanted to have a visual remembrance walk – #DeadWomenWalking.

We will walk to Downing Street.

This will be a peaceful, creative ‘Murder March’ to remember and represent the women murdered in the UK by their partners, ex-partners or family members, i.e. domestic violence murders.

Since the election in 2010 there have been more than 400 domestic violence murders.

This #DeadWomenWalking walk to Downing Street is to raise awareness of the women behind the statistics of domestic violence murders.

It will take place on 23 November 2014, to coincide with International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women that week.

I realise my choice of name for the march with the hashtag – #deadwomenwalking – might not sit well with everyone, but I feel strongly that we need to be bold and honest about the reality of domestic violence.

Murders such as these are preventable and these women would be walking around today if it wasn’t for domestic violence.

And too many cases have involved men with a history of domestic violence who were known by the police.

If we are to get people to take notice we need to be upfront about the reality of male violence.

If you can help me by supporting the event please do. I need financial help to help pay for T-shirt printing, insurance and things like that.

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