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Patronising Better Together ad parodied


patronising Better Together adPeople lambast ad’s sexism on Twitter under the hashtag #PatronisingBTLady.

Scots have until 18 September to decide their country’s future, but the creators of this Better Together promotional video have clearly already made their minds up about women.

‘The woman who made up her mind’ follows a Scottish woman weighing up the pros and cons of Scottish independence from her kitchen, cup of tea in hand.

After complaining about her husband talking about the referendum in the morning – ‘It’s too early to discuss politics. Eat your cereal!’ – the woman sighs that she doesn’t trust ‘that man off the telly’.

Bemoaning that ‘there’s only so many hours in the day’, she eventually decides to vote ‘No’.

‘Better Together’ is the principal organisation representing the parties, organisations, and individuals campaigning for a No vote in the Scottish independence referendum.

The ad’s director claims to have used words ‘taken verbatim from conversations on doorstops with undecided women voters’ and from the ‘opinion of women in dozens of focus groups around the country’.

However, the clip has prompted many rightfully offended people to lambast its sexism on Twitter under the hashtag #PatronisingBTLady.

Patronising Better Together Lady has now reached meme status, with social media users parodying the ad’s portrayal of women as politically disinterested and incapable of engaging in the referendum debate.

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To tell Better Together how you feel about their ad, contact them here.

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