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Let’s celebrate Women’s Sport Week 2015


women's sport week 2015, women in sportWomen in Sport launches its first week-long event promoting women’s sport.

For some time now I’ve been just a small part of a committed, and ever-growing, group trying to raise awareness of women’s sport and, at last, it seems it is becoming a hot topic in wider society.

Of course, women’s sport is just part of a larger equality agenda. But it is a significant part.

Just 7 per cent of all sports media coverage is dedicated to women’s sport.

Between 2011 and 2013 women’s sport accounted for only 0.4 per cent of all sports sponsorship.

Only 18 per cent of qualified coaches are women, and women are vastly underrepresented on boards throughout sport.

More shockingly than all that though; those women who do excel, take part, officiate or even just dare to stick their heads above the parapet are often subject to hideous sexism, prejudice and misogynist abuse.

In an attempt to publicise and address these issues, Women in Sport (WIS), which used to be called the Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation (WSFF), is leading this first Women’s Sport Week.

It runs from 1-7 June and is a chance for everyone to get involved to help to raise the profile of women’s sport and to try or watch something they – you – may not have considered before.

If you play a sport, are part of a women’s sports team, if you officiate, administrate or just watch, you can take part in the social media campaign surrounding #WSW2015;  contribute via Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

On the WIS website there will be a guest blog each day of the week from some of the most famous names in women’s sport, and there will be a daily competition with tickets to sporting events as prizes.

The major broadcasters will also be doing their bit, with both the BBC and Sky on board, so watch out for more in-depth coverage of women’s sport and women in sport this week.

However, the print media, yet again, seems to be conspicuous by its absence. So if you’re so inclined, why don’t you challenge your favourite daily newspaper and ask them what they’re doing to support Women’s Sport Week?

Other supporters include Sport England, British Rowing and BBC Get Inspired.

As part of my contribution, I will be profiling some of the fantastic events coming up this summer.

There is a huge summer of women’s sport in the offing and I intend to whet your appetite this week with what is out there and then encourage you to get involved.

From the Women’s Football World Cup starting later this month in Canada, Women’s Ashes from July, the Netball World Cup in August to the Solheim Cup in September, there’s something for everyone.

So check out womeninsport for more information and watch out for the hashtag #WSW2015 on social media.

Above all, make your views known and get involved.

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