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Pensions, discrimination, poverty: petition


women, born 1950s, discrimination, pension povertyWomen born in the 1950s face severe financial hardship over pension discrimination.

Changes imposed on pensions for women born in the 1950s have been called unfair and discriminatory.

And a petition set up to draw attention to this and calling for change has been presented to HMRC – but is still open for signing.

The problems have come about through a combination of the increase in state pension age and the fact that no sufficient notice was given to the women in this age group to enable them to re-plan for their retirement.

Many women born in the 1950s were not allowed to join private pension schemes or had to retire early to care for relatives or because of personal illness, Anne Keen, a campaigner with Women Against State Pension Inequality (Waspi) explained in the Independent recently.

So the state pension will be their only source of income, she pointed out.

Ten years’ notice will be given for any future changes to the state pension age to help people cope with the change in their circumstances, and MPs, judges and civil servants have had their occupational pensions protected for those within 10 years of normal retirement age.

So why haven’t other contributing women been given the same protection?

The initial petition letter, calling for a reversal of the State Pension Law runs:

‘Dear Secretary of State for Work and Pensions,

‘In your Coalition document “The Coalition: Our Programme for Government”: the Coalition Government stated:-

“We will phase out the default retirement age and hold a review to set the date at which the state pension age starts to rise to 66, although it will not be sooner than 2016 for men and 2020 for women. We will end the rules requiring compulsory annuitisation at 75”.

‘However, the Coalition Government have broken this promise by accelerating the rise in the State Pension Age. Therefore, please ensure that Mr. Cameron & Mr. Clegg honour their word and reverse the State Pension Law.’

Why is this important?

By reneging on their promise the Coalition government has denied a generation of their pension rights.

This has had a devastating effect upon those women and men who have worked long and hard believing that they were to retire at 60 and 65 respectively.

And because of the timescale when this law was introduced, hundreds of thousands of of women born in the 1950s had no opportunity to make any contingency plans for retirement.

However, Civil Servants, within 10 years of normal retirement age were, quite rightly, given immunity from the changes to the Civil Service pension reforms. This was to “Provide transitional protection for those closest to retirement”.

“So why are we being treated differently?” Keen’s fellow campaigner Marion Smulders asked.

MPs and judges are also protected from the changes because “This protection strives to be fair to members who are close to their expected retirement age and are less able to change their plans than younger members.”

Not only is this hypocrisy on their part it is also discrimination and therefore illegal.

It is discrimination to impose ‘rules’ that disadvantage one group of people more than another.

It is against the law to treat someone less favourably than someone else.

Furthermore, the recent State Pension Review (updated in September 2014) said that “Any future changes to State Pension age will, as now, require primary legislation and will be subject to the full scrutiny of Parliament.”

And: “The review will seek to give individuals affected by changes to their State Pension age at least 10 years’ notice.”

This compounds a case of discrimination.

Because of the Coalition’s broken promise women born in the 1950s are now being forced to work longer and wait longer to receive the State Pension, which is an entitlement, something to which we have contributed to all of our working lives.

Based on working/waiting an extra 4 more years these women will lose at least £21,696 basic State Pension.

Others who are being forced to work longer will obviously lose much more.

These changes will also have a detrimental impact upon employment opportunities for young people. The longer women in the age bracket are being forced to work the fewer jobs there will be for them.

Is this an honourable way to treat people?

The right to retire with the financial security at the age that has been promised throughout our working lives, has been denied. Dreams have been shattered.

This broken promise is unfair, unnecessary and totally unacceptable.

Ministers need to do a U-turn on this mean-spirited move and honour their word.

This petition was delivered in person to HMRC on 24 March – before the parliamentary recess on the 30 March – but the petition is remaining open, and currently has over 60,000 signatures. Please support us and sign it.

  1. Louise Hawthorne says:

    As a female born 1956 I totally agree that we in this decade have been unfairly treated and discriminated against. With the new legislation of prior notice of ten years to be given shows just how unfairly and unjustly we have been treated.

    • Carol Beaumont says:

      Born in 1954, redundant in 2012, as a recruiter for a large company i know our age group is not wanted in most compamy’s these days. The amount of us who waste our time applying for none existant jobs on the internet. The job Centre eventually said to me, ‘cut out some of your work history on your CV”, because they can work out how old you are. I was devastated knowing I would not get my pension until I am 66 if I’m lucky. This would not have happened if we were men. We are still second class citizens in what is supposed too be the most democratic country in the world. So what is going on! If it has been recognised that the decision made was unsafe and we would not enough time for saving (IF YOU COULD AFFORD IT), to try and make up for lost pension income.For Gods sake Mr Cameron wake up! How many of us will support you in the next election. Not me or thousands like me plus their family’s. It’s all adding up isn’t it. Be the man we hoped you were going to be, go out of office with dignaty and respect. Make the amendment.

      • I was born in 1954 as for the changes in pensions I’ve yet to receive any official notification of when I can expect my pension. Though checking on the web this has given me the unjust answer. I have contributed over 40 years of full national insurance contribution stamps and am currently unemployed i also was made refundant after 18 years in 2007, managed to get a night job working 13 hour shifts with the travel out over 15 hours. Not something you really want to be doing later on in life. I’m now unemployed not claiming any benefits. What I can’t understand is the working out of the pension staggered dates as if someone exactly one year younger than myself born in 1953 can claim their freedom pass and state pension in 2017. Yet I have to wait for a freedom pass and pension in July 2020 this is three years longer. Further more someone born in 1955 only has to wait until 2021 for both. Why the different jump for those born in 1954? Does anyone know whom can explain the calculations used as it appears those more detremented in the wait falls more so on those born in 1954. Where is this an equal calculation something doesn’t quite add up. Can anyone help to explain this unequal way of how these calculations have been applied that is not spread out equally to age? I’m sure someone has picked this up before now?

  2. I am pleased that a legal challenge is being considered and hope this will produce results. The future is looking very bleak for many of us born in the fifties. Even a few years ago, I would never have dreamt that I would be living in constant fear of being forced to sign on at the age of 60, searching for almost non-existent jobs, having no certainty of a regular income, with the added worry of being made homeless.

    The reason I could become homeless is because the government agencies that should be processing claims correctly are failing to follow due process. I have twice been in a situation where an abusive government employee has threatened to stop my housing benefit, thereby leaving me for months of not knowing if I would be thrown out of my home.

  3. kathleen Brain says:

    This change in pension rights for all of us that was born within the 1950’s is a complete disgrace. As a working Mother I had to often leaving my children in the care of someone else .
    This was a hard pill to swollen but I always thought it would pay off when I could retire at 60 and help look after my grandchildren without having to worry about not working again to struggle and balancing home and work life .!!! Where will it end

  4. I was born in 1954 and feel that the way we are being treated is disgraceful. It has changed my financial situation greatly and I feel very bitter as I have worked since I was 15 and have not claimed any benefits. I have a sister almost 2 years older than myself and she is now receiving state pension at the age of 62 , but I do not qualify until a couple of months before my 66th birthday.

    • Margaret Beverley says:

      The department of works and pensions says that we will be better off by around 8pounds a week how much have they taken from us by changing the retirement age like many others I can’t have my pension till I’m 66 I turned 60in may

      • Like u Margaret i also turned 60 in May and what they have taken from us in our state pension is around £40,000 in those 6 years we have to wait. i feel very resentful to have to carry on working and feeling more worn out as i get older when really we’ve done our bit. it’s totally unfair.

  5. Margaret Beverley says:

    the department of works and pensions says we will be better off by around 8pounds a week with the new pension how much have they taken from me and many others by making me wait another six years for my pension I turned 60 in May and have worked since the age of 16 who gave them permission to do this no one asked me

    • Julie morshead says:

      I was born in 1958. I sensibly started a personal pension in 1988 only to discover in 1989 that once I had my first child and gave up work to look in 1990 I would be prohibited from paying contributions until I started to work and pay tax again. It took several years until Harriet harman changed the rules. We paid into my husband’s pension instead. We divorced in 2011 and guess who got the sticky end of the stick. Then I find out its another 4 years until I get my state pension ie 66 instead of 63. How can I make up 4 years income overnight?

  6. I am appalled that the state pension “scheme” is still being run as a ponzi. Sureley its possible for some of our hard earned IN contibutions to be earmarked & placed in safe investments to fund state pensions. Other countries can manage this! Is it easier for our elected representatives to keep increasing the retirement age that to get together & do some hard work to refourm our current wasteful system?

  7. Angela Holmes says:

    Yes, I am still spitting feathers well after IDS pension theft. Fully paid up since 2009, expected to retire last year, age 60, now forced into work for another 5 years! Job centre pressurises me far more than the younger claimants. Now have to do ” voluntary work!” Or get sanctioned! Also pay £74 bedroom tax per month. Dare not downsize, as my working adult kids could lose their jobs and be out on the street.( not benefit recipients) hate IDS, but labour so far has kicked the issue into the long grass too! Ed Balls once said the party supports the increased pension age.

  8. I am very pleased that this is being challenged. On BBC Radio 4 this morning, we were treated to the further untruth from the government that all women will get the improved state pension. I have 40 (yes 40!) qualifying years, but due to investing in a personal pension for a few years during this time, I am to be penalised by not getting the improved pension.Guess where my personal pension was? Equitable Life. I am so angry.
    Furthermore, the petition re this is impossible to find on the government website.

  9. I was 60 this year.I have spent years looking after my elderly mother. My son has autism/schizophrenia he lives with me as the services are inadequate & virtually non existent.He gets a visit twice month he is frequently unwell as I am with my own health issues.
    Women are being degraded we are expected to still do the bulk of caring & work til 66. How are we supposed to get a paid job as well? Life expectancy for us is not rising it’s far worse. Perhaps this government are saving for a Dignitas fund for us as we seem to be worthless in their eyes. I wrote to the local MP re the free bus pass for carers which has been shifted along with our pension. I got a carefully worded letter that we were saving the country money & it wouldn’t be given to us til we reached retirement age (66). Women & carers are continually being ground down & demoralised by these austerity measures that only serve them.

  10. Christina maclennan says:

    It is appalling I was born in 1957 expected to retire
    at 60 but now have to work extra 6 years this is illegal
    as it’s not the same for everyone why can certain people
    get 10 years notice and ordinary working person is
    penalised I will have worked 45 yrs by 2017 so I feel I
    have earned my pension unlike others that haven’t paid a
    penny towards there’s I have no children so have not used
    state money for education I feel single people especially
    are discriminated against in this country and this needs to
    be addressed but the discrimination towardsthe ladies born
    in the fifties needs to be addressed ASAP

  11. catherine george says:

    I was born in 1958 and to date have worked 40 years already,albeit, part time since I had my children. I think that it,s totally unfair that women born just five years previous to me can still retire at 60 whilst I now have to work an extra 8years. the whole of the 50,s decade should either have been included in the changes or have been left out.I can see no sense in forcing women to work longer against their will whilst the young are struggling to get on the work ladder, we women work hard enough as it is and it doesn,t end at the end of a working day.

  12. Christine Haslock says:

    I took early retirement in 2009 in the expectation of receiving my state pension aged 63 only to have the goalposts moved again. As regards equality, my husband will be 65 in August 2018 and will receive his state pension 2 weeks before his birthday but I, 4 months younger receive mine over 4 months after my 65th birthday!
    MP not interested, not much in the press- I only discovered that MPs and Civil Servants are to have their pensions protected after reading about WASPI. There is no justice here, just simple discrimination against women and poor women in particular.

  13. This pensions robbery is no different to endowment misselling. I would like to know what is happening with the legal challenge and whay other action I can be involved in to get this policy reversed.

  14. Sheena Spence says:

    I was born in 1954.I have worked part time most of my life.I was made redundant in September and I’m not entitled to any benefits. My husband is only able to work part time and we have been left practically destitute.I should have had my pension a year ago,My doctor has declared me unfit to work and I’m not entitled to ESA. Our savings will not last long,we need to get this decision reversed.

  15. Karen Acton says:

    I had my 60th birthday in September and have worked all my life. Full time until I had children, and part time for about 8 years while they were young and back to full time again.  I have only ever paid into the ‘system’.  I, as the majority of my generation, have always worked towards retiring at 60.  I now understand I will not receive my pension until I am 66 although I have not received formal notification of this.

    I am of the generation that did not have :

    ·         maternity leave

    ·         statutory maternity pay

    ·         30 hrs free childcare per week for the over 3s

    ·         free school lunches for the first 3 years of school


    Not only did we have to contend with mortgage interest rates of up to 15% but our children did not start school until the September after their 5th birthday. This had the effect of my daughter being almost 6 when she started school.  This left me a longer period of time before I could return to work to help the household budget and, to add insult to injury, I had to pay for playschool/nursery fees too.


    Now the realisation that my payments into the ‘system’ have effectively been allocated to the young parents’ generation rather than the state pension I had anticipated receiving is very galling indeed! 


    Some of my friends (of my age) who worked in the public sector (teachers, nurses, police) have all taken their occupational pension at 60 and were even entitled to do so earlier with a monetary penalty.  How can this be fair? Granted they have paid into the relevant scheme but no mention has been made of them having to defer receiving their pensions until they reach 66. I consider I have paid into the state pension with full National Insurance contributions.


    I understand that pension age has to increase but what I find difficult to come to terms with is the unfairness of the rules when compared to the public sector pensions and the lack of notice.  This should have been officially declared at least 10 years ago to enable life planning decisions to be made well in advance.


  16. Shirley Light says:

    I was born in 1954, I stayed at home to raise my children for years
    as there wasn’t any child care like today. We didn’t have our childrens
    Grandparents to help out so we didnt have a choice.
    I went to work expecting to retire at the same time as my husband,
    he being 5years older due to retire at 65, and me at 60.
    The goal posts have been moved not once, but twice. I now have to work until I’m
    66 years, that’s if I can keep working until then because of suffering with

  17. jeanette carroll says:

    I was born 1.10.1953. have had pension age changed twice. first notification stated may2017. then I was notified it would be march 2018

  18. Jan Perry says:

    I was 60 in March, and until recently thought my pension age would now be 62. Horrified, upset and angry to now discover it will be 66. Having been made redundant a couple of times I now only have casual part-time work, and my income does not cover my essential bills so savings depleting fast, and I do not qualify for any Government payouts. This is blatant discrimination against we women born around the mid 1950s onwards, as men are NOT similarly affected and have only had their’s increased by up to 1 year, not 6! ALSO we cannot get a free or discounted bus pass now until new retirement age (66), although my neighbour who is only 2 years older already gets her Government pension and free bus pass – totally unjust and immoral. Yet again we women are victims – The Government has today backtracked on reducing tax credits so surely they can backtrack too on this terrible pensions fiasco. I wrote to Mrs Altman but her reply said the latest pension age increase had already been passed by law, and it could not be changed! I cannot believe that the ruling Government can not over-turn this injustice – why did the House of Lords not object to this – maybe because they are mostly older men who are not affected!! Is causing great hardship to so many of us – we are all at least £115 per week worse off by being denied our pensions at 60 when we were all advised throughout or working lives that our retirement age would be 60.

  19. Edwina coxon says:

    I was born in 1954 and having been working full time since I was 15. No children. Have never claimed any benefits of any kind except maybe 3 months statutory sick pay in nearly 47 years of working.
    I will be 66 in February 2019 and will not receive a pension or a bus pass till 19th July 2019.

    this is an absolute disgrace and I say to you people writing on this website to keep lobbying anyone you can to sign this petition and get this decision reversed. Look what’s happening in just a few days since Donald Trumps comments, it’s made television and newspaper headlines through the power of petitions and this injustice with the pensions should have made front line news too.

    • Mary Lumley says:

      I also born in July 1954. Having left school at 15 brought up 2 Children, nursed both my parents who died with cancer, currently looking after my grandchildren and still working have received a forecast last week informing me that I will not be able to collect my pension until May 2020 ( 65yrs 10 months how is this worked out that a women born in the same year yet not get my pension until 12 months later than person who birthday is in Feb mind in July? It is shameful, disgusting and down right immoral how they are treating women of the 50s who have worked all their lives

  20. Sadly I think this whole campaign has been given such a low profile because it relates to women.The government have always regarded us as easy targets. You just need to look at wage discrepancies. I was 60 in October 2015 but have to wait until 66 to get my state pension. I only heard about this petition recently and shall be writing to my MP. I have sigened and put on facebook, so hopefully some of my friends will not only sign, but forward on.

  21. Yes I agree with all the previous comments, we have been s… on from a great hight. I cannot reconcile that some sectors of society are actually being “protected” from the effects it will have on this particular age group.

    Furthermore, earlier this year I was unexpectedly widowed and always believed that I would receive a “widows pension'” from the state ….. no it was all changed 4 years back, slid in via the back door …. I receive a ‘widows benefit” for 52 weeks ….”Benefit”!!! No my husband paid all his national Insurance, Taxes etc from age 15 and never got to receive his state pension ….. ‘we are all living longer” = maybe sections of the population are but shift workers certainly are not ….. a very ‘sad’, dis-heartened widower.

    • Hi

      like you my husband died unexpectedly and I received a widows pension, but only for one year as he was young. However, as I was working full time, I was taxed to the hilt – my code went down to 587L and I owed the tax man a mere £1000 at the end of the tax year. ( Apple, google etc on the other hand hardly pay a penny!). If they are going to give a widows pension, it should be tax free – at least the first couple of years. Like yours, my husband had worked all his life and paid up fully into his pension pot.When I finally get my state pension, I will get an additional ‘widows’ pension – but that is on condition I make it to retirement!

  22. Yvette Flynn says:

    This is another slight against women and is totally dishonest and being slipped through parliament without discussion with the people it affects….and it will affect every woman of every age in this country. Every woman in the country NEEDS TO SIGN this petition and then the government HAVE TO LISTEN. Vote with your feet ladies!!!!!!

  23. Sorry, it is actually State Induced Destitution ~

  24. Rosemary says:

    Hi, I too fully agree with this petition. It is utterly disgusting. I was born 1956 and face the same problems. I have poor health and may never see the state pension. I wrote to Mr Cameron and it was passed on to the department of transport and they said you either have to be disabled or pension age. It was like water off a ducks back to them. They don’t have to suffer like the rest of us. I know have emailed Tim Loughton and Peter Bottomley. I have asked for there help for us ladies at a parliament meeting on 7th January. We ladies need to stick together for our rights. Our pension at 60 and our bus passes.

  25. Sue hughes says:

    I was born in 1954 looked after older parents and children while holding down a full time job for years.
    I am exhausted at the end of each day not only that I am unable to keep up with the younger girls in the office change takes me so much longer to grasp.Let me retire and the younger generation have our jobs.
    We recently had a graduate on work experience but didn’t keep her because of budgets she left and went on job seekers a lively clever girl leaving me exhausted burnt out and sad.What is this government thinking about.

    • Marie McCardle says:

      Hi Sue, i completely agree with what you have said.The natural progression of working is to let us bow out and retire and let the younger people have our jobs,the dole money saved will well cover our pensions.
      we are tired and in some cases in bad health can’t we just retire gracefully with out a fight!!!.

  26. Christine J says:

    I am furious and agree with comments previously posted. I was born in 1956 and have been advised that I will not receive my state pension until my 67th birthday! I must point out I had my first job at 13 and worked full-time from the age of 17 until ill health prevented me from working at 52. I have always paid the full stamp, unlike some women, who paid the married women’s contribution; I paid this in order to get the full pension at 60, as promised at the time. Feel totally misled by the government who see us as a soft target. Action needs to be taken!

  27. This petition must continue. What the government has done is surely illegal. Since my first job, aged 16, I have paid into a pension scheme ( NI) and each year informed it would pay out at age 60. They lied! If I’d paid this money into a private scheme they would not get away with it. I want my pension as promised.
    Also, I was a teacher – is that a civil servant? What can I do to promote this campaign? Can’t the great european court of human rights sort this out?

    • Susan ellerton says:

      I think we need to march on the streets. The fact is that we have been robed of what we lawfully entitled to .This is shocking and we cannot let this government get away with this, What most people don’t understand is that it’s the way the changes have been implemented that is so wrong. I am 61 born April 4 1954 have worked hard and paid into the state pension for over 30years .I will now get my pension when I am 65 yrs 6months We can’t let this happen

      • I’m 61 now I feel my age group have been robed of at least £35.0000 have to work longer had not chance to prepare for this,its daylight robbery ,why our age group,no chance to unwind and enjoy life a little I’ve worked all my life paid into the pension pot.i think this is against our human rights we must protest.

  28. Dear All

    I felt I would contact you after reading an article on the Internet, it is wrong and grossly unfair what the Government did.

    I have worked in the NHS since my 16th birthday training to be and then as a qualified nurse.

    Planning my retirement at 60 years of age, feeling as with any occupation I would no longer be mentally or physically fit to practise in a fast paced environment, this being in respect of the patients I care for, alongside my colleagues as a team member.

    I saw my state pension as a possession of mine, which by the age of 60 I will have diligently paid my 35 years, and a lot more beside.

    To not provide this is against the European Convention of Human Rights

    The Government did not inform me correctly that my State a Pension would be withheld for another 6 years, and has not allowed me enough time to save an extra £48,000 plus, to cover this period of non payment of State Pension, which is rightfully mine.

    To suggest I must keep on working just to live and keep paying into the pot to the approximate tune of another substantial amount of money is beyond belief

    Kind Regards

    Eileen Smith

  29. I was 60 in Jan 2014 and hoping to retire then or soon after. My state pension age is now 65 and 4 months.The government is denying me over £30,000. I am so depressed at having to work an extra 5 years. My NI contribution record shows I have 45 qualifying years. I have never claimed any benefits. Everyone must sign the petition and write to their MP. There was a U-turn on tax credits, why not this pension travesty. It’s time to allow us older ladies to retire and let young people have jobs instead of paying them jobseekers allowance

  30. Does anyone know whether there is any formal protest being held?
    How do we organise a protest and challenge this injustice?

  31. Are we any further on with this reversal, or are the Government not listening to us?

    • Yes – due to number of names on petition (80,000+) there will be a parliamentary debate on 1st Feb. Really important to write to your mp. Go to:
      to find your mp in an alphabetical list. click on their name to find out their Contact Details, ie email address.
      If you don’t know your mp, you can look them up at this page.
      Please email your mp!

  32. Rosemary says:

    Hi it’s Rosemary again. I would like to know whether there is anything else we can do to win the government. I not only wrote to my local MP and Tim Loughton and David Cameron but feel so let down. We frequently hear on the radio different campaigns so I thought well let’s go for it. I emailed my local,radio station spirit fm and to date have not heard back from them. I asked if we ladies could be mentioned on there radio station so other ladies like ourselves could be heard. Guess what I am still waiting to hear.
    I do believe we all ought to get to email our radio stations and see what happens.

  33. Marie McCardle says:

    I am one of the many women born in 1954 and my future plans have been shattered by these pension changes.
    In my case i was told by my doctor to stop working a few years ago due to bad arthritis in my hands,and like these other women i have worked since i was 15 from leaving school.When i stopped working my husband was able to support me and i thought it would not be long before i could look forward to collecting my pension (so i thought)and then came the bomb shell, (i can’t get my pension until i am 66 years) i just cried.Even now i think about what has happened to me and many other women it upsets me and is so unfair to us all.It’s funny i have this “title” a pensioner and yet no pension in sight!!!.
    What i find amazing is how this government can find money for weapons and air strikes to name a few,but there is no money for what we are rightly entitled to.We should now get compensation from the time we should have retired,and our pensions reinstated as soon as possible.

  34. Delia Ryan says:

    Hello To All You 50s Ladies.It is a total disgrace,this pensions chook up.All are pensions should be paid now.I was born in 1955 and went out to work at 15,i am now heading for 61yrs in july,been working 44yrs this year.The goverment are asking where do they find the money to pay us all,very simple we have all payed into the system.I have 44yrs N I and payed all my taxes.I do hope this debate on the 1st of February will be a success.for all are sakes.As one of the ladies said,its are turn now to have are time back.Let the young ones go out in are place.I cant belive we have to keep on working.In most cases 6yrs.Its not on.And its unfair.To us all who have worked for years.

  35. Delia Ryan says:

    Hello I forgot to add.MS BLACK.Is only 21,but she is very good.And speaks out which is great,And most of the M Ps are just as good.Its the ones who are againt giving way.And pushing us out to WORK BEYOND ARE TIME.

  36. For those of you who have been asking

    As of today, 11 January 2016:
    Don’t forget, even if you are not signed up to Facebook you can open specific pages. The Women Against State Pension Inequality campaign (WASPI) page link is here

    To sign the petition go here:

    To see the written evidence WASPI presented at Parliament – and its a very good summary of the situation too – go here
    – See more at:

  37. Margaret olive says:

    Where will they get the money from ?? Well they’ve been taking our money for the last 45 years so they can get it from wherever they put that money. It is theft pure and simple. The have made it legal to rob old ladies’ pension money. Let’s not forget the winter fuel Payments also. So I have to work another six years and pay them more money at the same time as they will be robbing me of around £36k. This is destroying me. They do not take into account the fact that we started work at 15. We are absolutely nothing to them. There is a of course a name for these sort of people but I had better not say it here.

  38. Announcement in today’s papers from gov minister -there is no money to compensate women born in 50s for loss of state pension.

    Does anyone know if there’s a demonstration planned for 1st Feb when this issue is due to be “debated”?

  39. Kay Heap says:

    How very dare they do this to us. Shame on you Mr Cameron and Co. This financial crisis is not my fault so why this severe punishment?

  40. It is unfair on all women but for those struggling with health problems/disability after serious illness its even more difficult. No provision has been made although there was talk about it nothing ever was done. Its Unbelievable,no one seems to care.

  41. Another aspect, which has been covered up, is this. Born in 1959, I have 30 years paid in, which should have been a full pension. Now I’m told that in order to get a full pension, i.e. £150 pw, I would have to work MORE THAN thirty five years. Only the years over the 35 mark and worked after 2016 will contribute to a FULL PENSION. The exact number of years to a full pension is not known by the pension forecast people – probably about 40, they guess. Thus I would have to work consistently between the ages of 57 and 66 to gain the extra ten years. I’m guessing a lot of people won’t know about this because they haven’t been giving accurate pension forecasts to people until they were within a few years of retirement.

    On a slightly different subject, I opted out of the state pension into a private scheme for a few years. This will provide a few pounds a week but about half of what the state projected it should have produced. The pension forecast service was unable to say whether this would be deducted from my pension at the actual amount, or the amount it should have produced. (N.B.) Avoid Friends Life (Dog funds)

  42. Linda Spike says:

    I was born Feb 1954 and my pension was put back from 60 years to 62 year. Now it has been put back until I am 66 years, five months and 22 days. A friend also a female only has to work until her 66th birthday to get her pension??? My husband and every other male who are younger than me will get theirs when they are 65??? Why am I being discriminated against????? GUTTED!

  43. Like many others I’m sure, I wrote to David Cameron, IDS and the previous pensions minister when I first found out about this well over a year ago . I received the standard reply from all three telling me what I already knew, also telling me how much better off I will be under the new system when I eventually get my pension in five years time . What they failed to tell me was because I was contracted out ( another rule they seem to have made up) what I will actually get is no more than under the old system. They don’t listen, they don’t care and after reading the report of the recent debate it seems nobody else does either. Not even Ros Altman who I also wrote to at the same time in desperation hoping she would represent us. It seems now she is pensions minister (?) she has turned against us too. The decision has been made and it’s final, no more debates, that’s it ladies, admit defeat. They chose to prey on us because they know we can’t do a thing about it. Basically they can do whatever they want, change the rules whenever they want and make new laws whenever they want and of course give the money that we should now be receiving to whoever they want. So very, very unfair. Shame on them.

  44. Lyn Barlow says:

    I think it is disgraceful that I have 40 qualifying years and still I will not receive my pension until May 2020. I was born in 1954 and thought I would be able to receive my pension when I was 60. I was made redundant in 2011 and have not been able to find work. The State Pension is not a benefit we have paid into this all our working lives. Why should the government take this away from us.

  45. Susan Jones says:

    The government have taken our pensions from hard working Mothers, also bringing up their children,the next generation.Give the younger people the jobs and give us our pension back,we will only have to go on benefits or job seekers allowance,some ladies are fit,but let us have a choice if we feel fit enough, only some of us are living longer.The government want to kill us off ,that’s the plan.I was born in1956 so 66 is my age for the pension.I would do some part-time work as I feel it would keep me active,but full time no way and in a couple of years time may be would say no way,no more!Your age goes against you.Then they would penalise me for working,so I would have to go on benefits,what’s the sense in that!

  46. Susan Jones says:

    I was born in 1956 and will receive my pension at66.Some of us are living longer and are fitter,but some of us are not.Give the younger generation the jobs and give us our pensions back we will only have to go on benefits or job seekers allowance.Its. crazy, we have paid into the system while bringing up children ,the future generation and looking after elderly parents, now is our time.So come on Cameron get your act together and look after your people who have moulded this country.

  47. I was born in January 1954 and have to work till I am 65…yet someone born just a few months before is allowed to retire at 63.So unfair.

  48. I was born in October 1954 and have worked since I was 15, I took my retirement at 60 as I was very unwell – I thought I would receive my govt pension at 64.5years – then discovered I dont get this until I am 66. Shame on this pompous, arrogant and out of touch government.

  49. Lynda Hillerby says:

    I have signed every petition regarding this subject since it first arose. I am furious to say the least. I was born in 1954 and other than 1 year out when my child was born, have worked full time since I was 16. As far as I can see – I entered into a contract with the government when I started working – I will pay all NI due, on time, even deducted from salary before I get it!! and the government in return will provide me with a state pension at the age of 60. Well Mr. Cameron, I have had to keep my part of the contract, because If I hadn’t paid the required stamp I would have been hauled over the coals – but you have not kept your part of the contract. Surely there is some legal eagle out there who can prove this is an illegal breach of contract.

    It seems the discussion in parliament on 1st Feb was a damp squib – so come on ladies – what do we do now – are you all really happy to roll over and let the powers that be tickle your tummies??? I’m not – and I’m willing to get up and say so – Please let me know what I can do to assist this campaign and I will be there with bells on.

    One seriously hacked off 60 somthing

  50. Helen G says:

    What about identifying those sitting mps on the government side who have majorities slender enough to be lost if all women affected by this vote tactically / don’t vote? Let me propose my constituency for a start – Eastbourne, where the new sitting Tory mp, Carolyn Ansell, holds the seat by 733 votes.
    And you can add a whole bunch more hacked off women, who will find when they get to pension age that the promised wonderful increased state pension is unavailable, despite Ros Altmann lying her head off about it, because no matter how many years over the required number they have worked, they were contracted out of SERPS and therefore don’t qualify.

  51. Marie McCardle says:

    Is this EQUALITY Mr Cameron,I was born Oct 1954 and i have a twin brother.My brother will have to wait 1 year extra to get his pension,but me i have to wait 6 years before i get my pension.God help being a WOMAN in this country so wrong.

  52. lesley travell says:

    I was born in 1955 I have worked and paid my dues. How can it be fair to expect me to keep working until age 66 I do worry about the future, I have Arthritis… What are we all going to do? Sit back and take it or stand up and fight for our rights. All of us women born in the 50″s have been robbed by this lying scheming government.

  53. Carol P says:

    Like all the ladies on here, I was born in the 1950’s. I brought up 3 sons and continued to work and pay my dues. I am now unemployed and being pushed by the job centre to apply for jobs that I know I have no chance of getting. Because of my age, my CV makes me look too old and I have been told by the job centre to trim my CV down to make myself more employable. How can this be allowed to happen, the first impression I will be giving is that I can’t be trusted as I am trying to make myself look younger (to a prospected employer) than I actually am, not a good way to start a job. It looks to me like the government has got their figures wrong and are using the ladies born in the 50’s ‘To work themselves to death’ to save money

  54. I am 61 in july was born 1955 work from been 15 years old. untill i was 30 had my family but had little jobs as well. Looked after my dad for 2 years till he passed away 3years after that my mother was ill so I looked after her I thought when I got to 60 me and my husband would have time to have a better life in our graet country but how wrong was I. there must be lots of woman all over the uk in the same position as me.

  55. Chris S says:

    The web is full of conflicting and confusing information on women’s pensions. Only when I read about the WASPI campaign a few months ago did I realise that I wouldn’t receive my state pension last month, at 60, and will have to wait until I’m 66. This delay represents a personal loss of £36,000. Surely, having paid National Insurance for 39 years, there is a moral obligation to pay the state pension at the time expected. I have not personally received any letter informing me of this change.

  56. Pat. Walker says:

    We all agree it’s Not a Fair System. I was born Sept. 1954. My husband, born March 1954, gets his state pension May 2019. I get mine Sept 2020. After all he is a man. We’re born the wrong sex.
    We have all let this government get away with it.
    Who is out there to help? Some members of parliament really put our case forward. Thank you to them all.
    Our leader would like us all to vote Yes to EU. Makes me think ‘What shall I do? Listen? Or ignore like the leader did to us?
    I feel selfish sometimes.
    I finished work at 60. My husband still works and so do many thousands of women whose bodies have had enough…
    I went to the Job Centre this year to check: I’ve got 44 years National Insurance. Not very helpful. Told ‘Why put myself through it?’
    Why indeed.

  57. hilary davies says:

    I was born in 1954,left work to bring up my children,my husband was working ho got made redundant 3 times so was on benefits live in social my husband was put out of work so many times it wouldnt have paid me to get a job as would only been £10 better off as they would have taken back what i earnt other than that from his benefits. i,ve been working part time for 17 years unable to find full time husband is now retired if anything happens to him i will get no pension at all what so ever. dont know whats going to happen to me

  58. D Gannon says:

    I had to comment as this pension scandel effects not only myself, friends but all other women of this generation. I am overwhelmed not only with anger but grief as my friend Linda Nolan unexpectedly died just before her 62 birthday & still working full time & I hear her saying “I haven’t got enough pension in yet to retire” … sadly, she did not get her pension, along with thousands of other women who have been, yet again taken advantage of & there is little if any outcry/protest). I hear the government claiming that we are all living longer but as far as I can see, some are living a lot longer than others ie The Royal Family & people born into money, good healthy food, good housing & no chasing after jobs & every Penny to pay the mortgage/rent & bills just to live. My beloved husband also never got to receive his state pension 64 & sadly, neither did my brother or my mother & I could name many in my social environment . .. But hey ho we are all living longer & in this together … Not p.s I am one of the women who is regarded as having “done well” for herself, so heaven help the ones who supposedly haven’t

  59. Rosemary says:

    Hi my name is Rosemary. I am emailing to all you people out there like me, are losing out big time. I am 60 cannot get my pension until 67. The trouble is the government keep moving the ball game, so some of us will never get our pensions. We will die first and the government have all we’ve all worked. David Cameron did not want to know. So come on ladies lets all bombard Teresa may with emails about we want our pensions and we want them now. It’s our human rights and we must all stick together for them. We have bills too, the government are preaching we are longer but a lot of those people are the older generation. We younger ones today are not living longertiity like they are saying. I have many friends who have died young. I fact my dad died at 49 guess what all the pension he worked went to government. My mother 66 again remainder government and are sure there are a lot of people in the same situation. I am going email Teresa may but need others to do it too. We must show we are all strong and want what we’ve paid for. Now not when we work till we drop.

  60. What I cannot understand is how this has been deemed legal.
    At age 16 I started to pay into an insurance scheme 60. Under the contract I would receive pension at age 60. I kept my part of the bargain. The european court would normally condemn such injustice.

  61. What can we do to bombard Theresa May. I feel this is illegal what they are doing and we need some legal advice. Where to start is a collective movement even a demonstration to Downing street. I’m surprise someone like Cherry Blair didn’t take this up? Cameron wanted 35 years paid in to the pension pot for those to get a £140 basic pension. What about those that paid in the graduates pension scheme in the early 1980’s that was suppose to give a higher state pension rate. Is this going to be forfeight now. Does this mean what we paid in is no longer going to be counted. Therefore many will be detremented in this way as well as the longer wait. I want to know how this is not theft further more how the staggering of ages on collecting your pensions appear not to be calculated evenly. For instance those born in 1953 will collect their pensions in 2017 plus their freedom passes. Yet those born in 1954 have to go another three years to 2020 to collect both pension and freedom pass. Those born in 1955 have theirs in 2021.Only waiting a further year from those born in 1954. Yet those born in 1954 have to wait three years longer than those born a year younger. Can someone explain this staggered calculation that 1954 are severely detremented from any of the age group between 1950-1955. I do hope I hear from someone or someone knows how this has been calculated. I did write to pensions and just got literature back on the single tier pension. This neither gave me any of the answers I posed to them. I also contacted age concern and still await a response.

  62. Try contacting this pressure group: WASPI – Women Against State Pension Inequality Campaign

  63. Julie Waltham says:

    I have been writing to various Ministers, No.10 and DWP but either get no response or a standard response with garbage information that I am already aware of. No on answers pertinent questions such as ‘why does one 63 year old get their pension in 2016 and another in 2018’, total discrimination and they know it is wrong which is why it is not being answered. I also asked for a copy of the notifications they said were sent to everyone only to be told they do not keep copies of multi mailings – rubbish this just means it was not done. All correspondence received blames everyone else for the fiasco and no one is claiming responsibility, totally fed up.

  64. Hi i as born December 54, I have never been informed about any changes in my old age pension. I would like to retire but can not, I have worked all my life and am unfit to work but have to carry on, as I have no alturnative.The government are taking away some award given to someone who took money from there workers.BH. But it’s ok for them to take it away from us.Its theft.

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