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Fracking: the greatest threat now


Lancashire Nanas, anti-fracking, How could anyone have known that fracking and its dreadful impacts would not be properly debated in Parliament?

By Kate Styles.

Let us make no bones about this. Nanas believe that FRACKING is the greatest threat that we as a modern society face.

From the thousands of extra lorry movements and increases in diesel pollution, to the greenhouse gases that threaten Climate change. The noxious air pollutants released by fracking that impact nearby residents to the questions regarding the disposal of contaminated radioactive wastewater.

There are just SO many risks associated with fracking, and we are only just seeing the short term health effects on those who live with it in their communities.

Nanas take every opportunity to speak at meetings and raise awareness of these threats. They keep up to date with the new research that is published and try and ensure that a very broad and intricate subject can be made accessible and understood by those with no previous knowledge.

Nanas have and will take non-violent and direct action in order to stop fracking.

The Nanas took over a field on one of the proposed fracking sites in Lancashire and also participated in a visit to David Cameron’s Oxfordshire home in a tank, accompanied by Dame Vivienne Westwood, an outspoken critic of fracking.

What the Nanas do works because people identify with what the Nanas stand for.

The Nanas are a very visible and easily identifiable group within the anti-fracking movement.

To many they represent the wisdom and caring of the broader definition of being a grandmother… a knowledge and experience of life, a warmth and love for family are fairly universal attributes of society’s views of being both a grandmother, and the case of anti-fracking, a Nanna.

Within protest or environmental activism, the association between Grandma and Nanna is clear. Both have the same desire to protect family coupled with the experience, love, compassion and wisdom that determines their response to the threat posed to the wider community from fracking.

Nanas are diverse in their ages, backgrounds, beliefs, but they are united in their passion and determination to protect our air and water, our environment, and above all, the health and wellbeing of our children and your children.

Who would have thought that laws and planning would be changed to benefit fracking?

Who could have assumed that bans and moratoria on fracking due to health concerns in other countries would be ignored by our Government?

How could anyone have known that fracking and its dreadful impacts would not be properly debated in Parliament?

It is difficult to know what we could have done differently. It is obvious now that plans have been afoot for at least the past ten to fifteen years, and who knew then what fracking even was?

All we can do, is what we have been doing.

Continue to be a visible and knowledgeable presence.

Continue to educate and raise awareness.

Continue to speak up for our loved ones and communities against this dirty industry.

Continue to take non-violent peaceful action against fracking.

As more communities come under threat, resistance to fracking grows.

Nanas will continue to be at the forefront of efforts to stop this toxic industry that threatens each and every one of us and the very air that we breathe.

And you can help: please sign this petition asking Greg Clark, the Minister for Local Government and David Cameron to “Please respect Lancashire county council’s democratic right to say no to fracking.

“Giving the shale gas industry permission to drill – after council leaders listened to local people and said no to fracking – would make a mockery of the government’s support for local democracy.”

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