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Join roadside protest for pension rights


protest, pension theft, unfair pensions, 50's women, Shoulder2Shoulder, roadside protest, hiviz jacket, every SaturdayOn your local ‘A’ road. Every Saturday.

Shoulder2Shoulder have initiated this protest so that women can mobilise their friends, family and neignbours to develop local solidarity with everyone else who has paid into the National Insurance Fund in good faith, only to find out that governments have misled us about our expected entitlements.

That includes miners, police officers, judges, prison officers, teachers, all public sector workers – and our children, who are forced to pay in now, while seeing their chances of ever receiving a pension move further and further away.

Even couples who are different ages have now been targeted, while those who make these decisions retire earlier with million-pound pension pots paid for from our taxes.

Here are the latest confirmed locations for our weekly roadside protests.

Bring your friends, family and neighbours.

If you can suggest a good location post it in the comments here.

KEYBOARD WARRIORS – PLEASE SHARE EVERY DAY – Think about sharing to new groups in your neighbourhood like selling pages and community pages.

If you want to send in some pics of your roadside protest to encourage others in your area to join in please send them here as a pm.

And check out our Weekly Protest Task To Do – there’s a different task each week.

This week: please get people to sign this petition.

Grab a yellow / pink / orange / green – or whatever colour you like – vest and let’s make some noise!

A1 / A694 Newcastle – Upon – Tyne

A1 Morpeth

A1 Durham 12:00 noon

A1 / A720 Edinburgh (or the A71 junction)

A1 Peterborough 12:00 noon

A189 / A19 Blyth, Cramlington

A19 Hartlepool

A229 Chatham and Maidstone

A299 junction Canterbury Road, Margate

A5 Shrewsbury, Wrexham, Oswestry

A 5038 Liverpool Central Station
Bring a high-viz and your friends and family.

Let’s get everyone involved in this battle against #TheGreatStatePensionRobbery

A55 Chester, Colwyn Bay, Anglesey

A565 Southport at 4:00 pm

A59 / A5036 Aintree, Liverpool – Switch Island – meet near the famous burger place
Grab your vests, friends, family and neighbours and see you at 12:00 noon.

A6 and A5105 junction Bolton-le-Sands. Meet at 12:00 noon.
LANCASHIRE UPDATE: 5 of us met at the A6 junction with A5105.People stopping at the traffic lights waved and hooted in support. A lovely policeman came to see what we were doing and said he was totally behind us. We were wearing high vis and protesting peacefully so he said if there were any objections, we could ring 101 for their help! We are planning to make this a weekly event and get bigger placards and banners. Hopefully more people will join us as the word gets round.

A61 Ripon, Harrogate, Leeds.

A61 / A59 Harrogate

A9 Dunblane at 12:00 noon

A9 Latheron at 12:00 noon

A30 Land’s End at 12:00 noon

A30 Honiton 12:00 noon

A30 Launceston 12:00 noon

A30 Penzance at 12:00 noon

A33 junction with A 39 Basingstoke

A34 Walsall / Pelsall at 12:00 noon

A38 Birmingham at 12:00 noon

A38 Worcester – outside Fownes Hotel on City Walls Road

A38 Stroud junction at 12:00 noon

A38 Bristol – Bristol College Green: See you at 12:00 noon.

A38 Burton On Trent

A38 Exeter at 12:00 noon

A38 Torquay at 12:00 noon

A4 / A350 roundabout Chippenham: Grab a high-vis vest and see you at 12:00 noon this and every Saturday.

A4036 Dudley at 12:00 noon

A41 Newport, Shropshire

A45 Coventry at 12:00 noon

A46 Loughborough

A46 Leicester

A46 Nottingham

A610 Codnor market place at the junction of the A610

A612 Netherfield Victoria Retail Park B&Q roundabout suggested location.

A4161 Cardiff New second suggested location. Outside the WHAT home shop. Please post in the comments if you can do this Saturday at 12:00 noon.

A48 Cardiff heading out of Ammanford that leads to M4 good safe space busy road. Top of Tycroes Wales. See you there next Saturday at 12:00 noon.

A58 Halifax & Leeds

A583 Blackpool and Preston

A610 Amber Valley Derbyshire Codnor market place at the junction of A610
See you there on Saturdays. Grab your family and friends and a high-viz vest and make some noise!

A65 Ilkley, West Yorkshire

A77 Glasgow Central Station 12:00 noon

A78 Ardrossan, Ayrshire

A80 Kirkintilloch

A91 Fife 12:00 noon

A99 John O’Groats at 12:00 noon

A1 Belfast, Lisburn, Newry

A5 Ballygawley, Londonderry.

Have you asked your families and friends to join this campaign yet?
After all, they are also affected by our pension injustice. Will their pensions be safe if we lose this battle?

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And copy and paste the hashtags everywhere.











‘It’s going to prove to be a very costly miscalculation on the part of this government if they think they can continue stonewalling #50swomen‘s demand for pension justice. They are answerable to 3.8 million women, as well their families and dependents.’

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