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Commenter Guidelines

We want to encourage intelligent and stimulating debate on the Women’s Views on News (WVoN) website.

The following guidelines are aimed at fostering discussion and protecting people who comment on our articles from abuse and discrimination.

If a comment does not sit within these guidelines, WVoN reserves the right not to publish it.

No abusive or discriminatory material

Abusive, violent, obscene or discriminatory comments will not be tolerated. This includes any form of abusive or discriminatory material aimed at a group or individual based on race, economic status, gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation or faith. Material which is defamatory, inflammatory or offensive will not be published.

Don’t get personal

WVoN encourages robust debate but personal attacks on individuals or personal squabbling will not be permitted.

Links to other sites

You’re welcome to add links to your own website or elsewhere which promote debate, providing you are not promoting a commercial service or for-profit venture.

Be relevant

Your comment should relate to the article or other comments. Comments that are irrelevant will not be published so please stay on topic.


Please do not upload anything without getting the copyright owner’s permission: any material that breaches copyright laws will be removed.

Finally, we recognise that sometime comments may be published in error: if this is the case, then please email:

Thank you.

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