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Who’s ever heard of breast ironing?


Stories of violence against women abound, pharm many of which we feature here on WVON – stories about rape, view domestic abuse and female genital mutilation, treatment for instance. 

But who ever heard of the practice of breast ironing? 

Well, it exists, although according to The, it seems at least to be restricted to the African country of Cameroon where mothers try to flatten their daughters' growing breasts with hot stones to prevent them from growing and thereby attracting attention from men. 

Girls as young as nine have their breasts ironed as soon as they start to develop, which is happening earlier and earlier as nutrition improves. Not surprisingly, breast ironing causes numerous health problems, such as burns and abscesses — to say nothing of the psychological damage.

You can also read about it on and watch the video on its site.

Thanks to Cath Elliot on Twitter for this story.

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