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18 year old sells virginity on eBay


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An 18 year old
Hungarian student has sold her virginity on eBay for £200, capsule 000 in an attempt to
eradicate her family’s debt.

The woman, who is
only known by the title ‘Miss Spring’ has sold her virginity to a man in
Britain, and is currently on her way to meet him, the Metro reports.

The girl was so desperate to
be allowed to sell her virginity that after the bid was closed down on eBay she
wrote to papers like the Huffington Post, The Telegraph and The Sun and to
celebrities like Lady Gaga and Madonna, attracting enough attention that some
of the original bidders were allowed to continue offering bids via email.’

The Metro, which describes the woman as a ‘pretty blonde’, says that she took the decision to sell her virginity in order to pay back family debts accrued as a result of the credit crunch. 

It makes you wonder – what on earth has
happened to our society that it is considered acceptable to buy a young woman’s
virginity? And perhaps more distressing, what message is being sent out to young women that
tells them that it is acceptable to sell themselves as a commodity?

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