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Theresa May criticises the absence of women in high level decision-making positions


The Financial Mail Women’s Forum reports that UK equalities minister Theresa May has criticised businesses for failing to employ women in high level decision-making positions.

Just 12% of directors in UK FTSE companies are female, and a quarter do not even have a single woman on their boards.

May has also called for firms to publish audits to show if they were paying men more than women. She accuses businesses of neglecting valuable talent and argues that more balanced gender representation would enable organisations to be more innovative and productive, with a better understanding of what customers want.

Commitments to equal pay, flexible working and flexible parental leave would help women participate more fully in working-life, given that they are still often the primary carers of any dependents.

May has said that she wants to see the Government lead by example, with women making up 50% of appointments to all board-level roles in the public sector by 2015.

Thanks to @WomEnterprise for this story.

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