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Citigroup accused of using recession to get rid of female employees


Citigroup was accused in a lawsuit yesterday of using companywide layoffs during the recent financial turmoil to purge its work force of scores of female employees to save the jobs of less-qualified men.

The lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan accused the company of accepting government bailout money even as it continued a pattern of “pervasive discrimination and retaliation” against female employees during the November 2008 layoffs.

It also said women are paid less than men and often lose out on promotions, raises and good assignments.

According to the lawsuit, the company has long been plagued by a “boys club” that ensures that middle and senior management positions will be populated by men, leaving its senior leadership committee composed of 39 men and five women while its executive committee comprises 19 men and no women.

“Given this disparity in the most senior-level positions, it is not surprising to find that the ‘boys club’ filters down through the management ranks to affect all senior and junior level professional positions at Citigroup,” the lawsuit said.

Filed on behalf of six women, the lawsuit sought unspecified damages, class-action status and a court order to end discrimination.

Read the full story on Google news.

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