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Scientists claim ‘valid reason’ for women making excuses to avoid sex


Sify News has run a story on how scientists believe there may be a ‘valid reason’  why some women make excuses (often in the form of headaches)  for ‘not wanting to make love to their husbands’.

A team of scientists led by Michael Diamond of Wayne State University, buy cialis Detroit, viagra buy US compared the brains of a group of women diagnosed with hypo-active sexual desire disorder with those of women with a ‘normal’ sex drive.

How may they have tested this you ask? The women were linked to an MRI scan and asked to watch erotic films and then a blank screen. Their study found that women with a ‘normal’ sex drive had an increased rush of blood to a certain part of their brain whereas the women with the low libido did not.

Maybe they could have considered the fact that not all women find porn arousing. In fact, buy dare I say it, some find it degrading.

Also, their definition of a ‘normal’ sex drive is vague and I find it both offensive and ridiculous that they felt they had to find a valid reason.

I suppose we can’t just not be in the mood – there must be something medically ‘wrong’ with us if we don’t give our partner sex on demand, as the story suggests.

Nevertheless, their findings will be presented at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s annual conference in Denver, Colerado.

  1. It’s almost laughably offensive — so just not wanting to isn’t “valid”? nice work guys. you’ve really thought this one through.

  2. Hey guys – how about actually finding out what women like sexually? When will the penny drop that you are not giving us pleasure, so we say no?

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