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Catholic nun wins humanitarian award


Sister Beatrice Chipeta has been awarded the Opus Prize at Fordham Jesuit University for her work with a children’s orphanage in Malawi, the Catholic Information Service for Africa reports.

The Opus Prize of 1.1 million (USD) is one of the largest humanitarian honours. Chipeta was recognized for founding the Lusubilo Orphan Care in Karonga, Malawi’s northern district.

Chipeta began her work in the 1990s, focusing on areas with high levels of HIV/AIDS. Her organization supports child care in 64 villages, a food network that feeds more than 4,000 children weekly, HIV/AIDS  rehabilitation programs, bursary funds and agricultural training.

Lusubilo orphanage also provides resources and counselling to 75 orphaned families as well as residential care for 250 displaced children.

Called the “Mother Theresa” of Malawi for her work, Chipeta said: “There are so many things coming into my mind, but mostly it is joy. This gift makes us have hope of continuing our aid”.

The Opus Prize is an annual faith-based humanitarian award that provides significant resources to humanitarian work and raises awareness for causes that are relatively unknown.

This year is the first time the prize is being shared between two recipeints. Chipeta will split the money with Jesuit Father John Halligan who works in Ecuador.

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