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Indonesian maid abuse ignored because migrants ‘worth billions’


Following WVON’s coverage of the recent cases of murder and torture of migrant domestic workers in Saudi Arabia  (here, here and here), an Indonesian NGO, Migrant Care, has criticised the lack of an adequate response to the ongoing and appalling treatment of Indonesian migrant workers in Saudi Arabia.

Wahyu Susilo, a policy analyst for Migrant Care said, “Again and again we hear about slavery-like conditions, torture, sexual abuse and even death, but our government has chosen to ignore it. Why? Because migrant workers generate $7.5 billions of dollars in foreign exchange every year.”

The government of Indonesia has been widely criticised by human rights groups for its refusal to ratify a UN convention on the protection of migrant workers.

In the case of Saudi Arabia, it has also failed to sign a bilateral agreement that would allow Indonesian migrant workers a legal framework in which to challenge their employers.

Some Indonesians are calling for a moratorium on sending migrant workers to Saudi Arabia, but the practicality of such a move seems unlikely.

Read more at 7 Days Global News.

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