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Marriage is the answer to all society’s failings claims UK cabinet minister

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Once again single parent families are accused of being at the root of all society’s ills.

Senior UK coalition government cabinet minister Iain Duncan-Smith claimed last night that the collapse of marriage has resulted in soaring crime rates, increased  poverty and cost the country £100billion a year.

Mr Duncan-Smith, Work and Pensions Secretary, was speaking to representatives of counselling charity Relate when he said Labour had ‘undermined married life’ causing the country to pay a ‘heavy price’ as children of failed marriages live in poverty, resort to crime and have fewer life chances than those in families that stay together.

In its inimitable fashion, The Daily Mail goes on to suggest that Mr Duncan-Smith will now campaign to restore extra support to married couples lost under the Labour administration. He declared: ‘Evidence shows that family influences educational outcomes, job prospects, and even life expectancy’.

What this spirited defence of the married state fails to mention is that the over-riding factor in these cases is not marriage per se. Job prospects and educational outcomes are better and life expectancy longer amongst those with a higher income. When living in an affluent family, marriage breakdown has no such impact on life chances.

  1. Maybe when equality between the sexes becomes the norm, women will contemplate getting married again.

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