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“Decembrow” is now, let your eyebrows grow


Women across the world are encouraged to let their eyebrows grow in a feminist twist on Movember.

AOL News has reported that the website Feministing has renamed December as “Decembrow.” Participants are asked to raise money for a charity of their choice while letting their eyebrows grow as bushy as they can.

The term was created by Lori Adelman who was inspired by Movember when men grow mustaches to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer.

“It’s a great way to get people involved — but most women are unable to grow mustaches,” said Adelman who is donating her proceeds to the International Women’s Health Coalition.

“Decembrow” was also inspired by the women in Tajikistan where the unibrow has become the latest beauty trend. Some women are even turning to herbal remedies to grow fuller brows. Others are using make up to draw them in.

“These women in Tajikistan are rocking the unibrow, and we thought Decembrow would be a great way to comment on the beauty norms in different places,” Adelman said.

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