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Delhi’s ‘anonymous character’ blamed for crimes against women


With over 300,000 people flooding into Delhi every year, crime experts say that its increasingly anonymous character is resulting in an increase in crimes against vulnerable women.

Responding to a rise in rapes and gang rapes in the north central Indian metropolis, where four such incidents happened in the first two weeks of December alone, crime experts say it is easy for offenders to melt into the crowd. There’s also greater public apathy towards those in distress.

Criminal psychologist Dr Rajat Mitra said:  ‘Delhi is anonymous in a way Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore or Mumbai is not. It is far easier in Delhi to commit a rape or any other crime against women than in other cities.’

Dr Mitra, who heads the non-governmental organisation Swanchetan Society for Mental Health, added:  ‘Delhi has a unique character; the sense of belonging here is very less when compared to the other big cities of India.’

Owing to the migration of people across the country, Delhi, a city of around 17 million inhabitants, has transformed into the commercial centre of India in recent years.

You can read the full story in Hindustan Times.

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