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Facebook vs breastfeeding, are nursing mums obscene?


Social networking website Facebook has reignited its conflict with nursing mothers by taking down a breastfeeding page, sildenafil The Leaky B@@b.

The page was first removed over the weekend because it featured pictures of breastfeeding mothers. Within hours two other pages protesting the move, Bring Back the Leaky Boob and TLB Support, were put up.

Jessica Martin-Weber, the creator of the site, then issued a statement requesting that Facebook reinstate the page and stop treating breastfeeding as an obscenity.

Facebook claimed the deletion was an accident and reinstated the page on Tuesday. It disappeared again later that night only to be back up again on Wednesday.

The battle has raised bigger questions as to the appropriateness of having nursing photos online.

While Facebook argued that the picutres contain inappropriate content, Martin-Weber replied, “No doubt the company is overwhelmed with reports of obscenity but surely they are smart enough to develop a system that would allow them to remove the truly obscene materials while those related to breast health including breastfeeding and breast cancer are able to remain.”

Read the full story in The New York Times.

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