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Older women dress like teens, young women like grannies


Not that I have ever been able to understand the obsession with women’s clothing, but the Daily Mail reports a study which has found more and more women are ‘defying’ their age by the way they dress.

The research conducted by Debenhams store has found that when it comes to fashion, nine in 10 women aim to dress younger than their years.

And more than half say they won’t start ‘dressing their age’ until they are at least 70.

This ‘research’ has also drawn up a list of celebrities who epitomise this phenomenon. The top age defier is Dame Helen Mirren followed by Sophia Loren.

It also found that younger women tend to dress ‘older’ (read covered up and drab), mainly because during their 20s they are trying to focus on their careers.

Some teens also try to dress older to get into bars and clubs and ‘impress boys’.

Only in their 30s and 40s do women get more ‘daring’ with their clothing.

And of course – only 12 % of the men questioned said they had ever thought about dressing to look younger. Sigh.

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