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UN’s new women’s organisation needs ‘fairy godmothers’ to make a difference


Summary of story from the Guardian, 27.1.11

The charity, Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), is calling on people to become ‘godmothers’ to UN Women, the new women’s organisation, in order to prevent it from sinking into obscurity (and see earlier WVoN story).

According to the Guardian, publicity and visibility are key factors when it comes to the difference the group can make, so VSO’s scheme involves those who sign up being sent regular updates about what the agency is doing.

The urgent problem is that UN Women doesn’t have a fraction of the resources it needs to have an impact.

Earlier this week, the new executive director, Michele Bachelet, made a characteristically robust speech pleading for resources to get UN Women working. Its official launch is next month.

No-one wants a Women’s organisation that merely pays lip service to the idea of equality without really doing anything about it, so maybe we should all be signing up to become godmothers?

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