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Rights for women wanted says Saudi facebook page


Summary of a blog linked to The Guardian 18.02.11

‘Adoption of the rights of women and non-discrimination against them’ is one of 12 demands made by a 6000-strong, clinic and growing, erectile Saudi Arabian facebook group, viagra 40mg according to a blogger called Saudiwoman.

The group is open only to Saudis, and according to a lot of the discussions on their page, if these demands aren’t met, there will be a protest in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, on March 11.

Saudiwoman says the facebook group’s code of conduct commits them to ‘there being no sectarianism, no violence or incitement to violence, and no hate speech’.

She also discusses why she does not think that Saudi Arabia  will be taken over by Al Qaeda or a Sunni version of the Iranian Islamic Revolution.

Everyone is holding their breath and delaying doing anything drastic until the King returns to Saudi Arabia, some time this week.

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